Post Merger Integration

Integration planning remains a daunting proposition, to say the least. When you combine several organizations into one there is a lot that you have to deal with in terms of organizational systems. This includes the likes of assets, resources, people, and tasks of all the companies that are part of the process. Then there is technology and the support systems to be taken care of, as well. The period before an acquisition or a merger is being closed—entails complexities that can hardly be envisaged when the merger is planned.

There is an adage that makes a rather viable comparison in this regard. It says that the process of mergers and acquisitions is like a massive puzzle. Here both your arms are working but the problem lies in the fact that they have never worked along with each other. It is an understatement to say that these processes involve more moving parts than you can at times count. You also need to take into account that matters can get further complicated in this regard. This happens because of all of a sudden you have companies – and their stakeholders – who now need to come together and work without any issues at all.

They have to be fair to each other. At the same time, they have to communicate with each other so that the deal can be completed. All these factors complicate these matters even further.

What is PMI?

The process of PMI (post-merger integration) is also known as M&A (merger and acquisition) integration. In this process, several companies are brought together. Here the aim is to make the most of the synergies on offer. This is done to make sure that the deal reaches its original billing in terms of value.

It is common knowledge that such deals often fail because of inherent issues. At the very least, such failed deals make sure that the companies in question are unable to get the maximum value from them. It is hard to find anyone who wants such a deal that looks good only superficially but leads to a semi-integrated organization in the end. This is the reason why such planning needs to start right at the initial stages of such a deal. You also need to establish the best practices, make the best plans for integration, and get the best team members who can prove to be integral to such work.

All these have to be firmly set in stone before the deal is closed.

Our approach to such work

We have a well-defined approach to such work. We make sure that companies, which have come together through such deals, get the maximum benefits from the same. For this, we come up with target operating models. This makes sure that there are no redundancies in the processes and structures being used in the new company. We also conduct fitment analysis and skill assessment processes. We recommend the best technology that helps make you efficient and implement them as well.

How can we help you?

There are so many ways in which we can help you in this particular regard. They may be enumerated as below:

  • We can put in place the basics of the integration work as quickly and early as it can be done.
  • We make sure that the critical operations keep functioning and there is zero loss of services at the time of transition.
  • We offer active communication that rallies staff and leadership around the new shared strategy and vision for your business.
  • We create a robust system that helps you hire the best and monitor how well your employees are working.
  • We implement strong processes of governance.
  • We address redundancies and overlaps.

As part of our critical operations-related services, we make sure that early wins are maximized in the shortest time possible. This includes the likes of cross-selling. We also migrate rapidly to new operating models. We also focus on your employees and customers.

What benefits do you get from such services?

We provide you several benefits when you avail of PMI services from us. They may be enumerated as below:

  • The leadership team is more aligned on merger synergy and this helps you get the expected results from such a process.
  • There is the least disruption to your business. You do not lose any critical services.
  • You can realize the benefits of such a deal at the right time.
  • You can integrate and stabilize rapidly.
  • You can retain more of your important personnel.
  • You can communicate accurately with all your stakeholder groups.
  • You can manage risk a lot better.



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