Information System Audit

Information Systems is the heart of an organization. Its success is dependent on its methodologies and its process framework. Teamed up with the right infrastructure, companies who have properly planned information systems in place are the ones who gain maximum competitive advantage.

The Information System Auditing encompasses the evaluation of various systems & procedures to ensure that all assets and resources are safeguarded, proper integrity of computer data is maintained, activities and related results comply with planned arrangements and the long & short terms objectives of the business organization is achieved.

Information systems auditing – frequently, a manager of an information system faces a need to evaluate the actual properties of an information system. The reason may imply assurance related to the conformity of a development project delivered to the requirements set, or a proof to be provided in terms of the quality of one’s information system or any of its parts or, for instance, a particular software security solution.

Characteristic of today’s organizations is abundance of information and information systems. Frequently, information and its support technologies are frequently regarded as the most valuable assets. In the rapidly changing work environment, expectations related to benefits from information technologies are high. Therefore  management demands emphasize that information systems should demonstrate ever-enhancing quality, higher functionality, easier use, a shorter delivery period  and ever-improving service levels

Primarily, companies appreciate the benefits they gain from an effective and updated information system. However, frequently, risks emerging as new technologies are implemented are not fully conceived, neither is that issue considered in the risk analysis of business processes. Still, successful organizations perceive and manage the risks related to the implementation of new technologies and establish the required quality, reliability and security demands to their information systems. At the same time, they demand that the abovementioned requirements be realized at an expense as small as possible.

Since it is becoming a common practice that enterprises and organization do not themselves provide solutions to the problems of information technology and they make more use of the services of information system software development companies, a demand for highly qualified IT personnel in companies is decreasing. At the same time, an adequate level of know how is required to establish tasks for a company’s information system, order an information system and check how well the information system developed conforms to the requirements set.

We understand the challenges that are faced by enterprises in today’s e-business world. To help an enterprise fully realize the potential of its IT investments, Our Consulting brings to the table superior expertise in streamlining an enterprise’s processes and maximizing returns. By securing IT processes more tightly around the enterprise’s business objectives, we enable a greater cost benefit ratio to the enterprise

The IS Management program offers assistance in building a comprehensive decision support environment to help the enterprise make smart and informed decisions. A team of expert consultants train the customer’s IT executives in critical processes like auditing and monitoring the IS, analyzing benefits through IT spends and activities and quality initiation procedures. More and more organizations across the world are concerned with the investments in IT versus derived and perceived benefits. IT enabled businesses in the true sense, seems a distant dream. Begin, with the IT/IS Audit to know your score

We review the complete IT infrastructure, Networking, Business Applications, Data Security and controls. Primary focus of this audit is to protect the information assets in line with business risks. Audit is conducted with the help of comprehensive audit checklists and necessary audit tools.




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