India Entry Strategies

We at RJV are specialists when it comes to helping companies from outside India come and set up shop over here. We can develop strategies that help them enter the Indian markets in the best way possible, and we implement those plans on their behalf as well. We have a superior insight when it comes to these markets and we also bring an extremely hardworking approach to such projects. This is how we assist you – our international clients – create an entry strategy that helps you win in a market that is as unique as India.

The Indian economy

The ever-growing Indian economy can best be described as complex since the unorganized sector makes up a big slice of the same. You also do not get much business data that you can rely on. All these factors act as a big impediment for companies from outside the country that are looking to get a foothold over here. They are hardly able to form a proper perspective of how things work in India..

This is where we can help you. We offer you access to a nuanced, accurate and rigorously designed fact base with due insights to size, future growth trajectory, and competitive dynamics, facilitating your understanding of the current market.

A lot of predictions state that within 10 years from now India is poised to become the most highly populated country in the world. It is a huge country and the sheer diversity over here is mind-boggling, to say the least. There is immense variation in key factors such as income levels, business practices, cultural norms, and value perceptions. We can help you categorize the buyers in India properly. We also provide you a detailed understanding of what they want, desire, and need.

Efforts by the government to improve India’s business standing

These days, the national government is also making efforts to improve the standing of India as far as ease of doing business is concerned. This is why the rules and regulations of doing business in India are always changing so that doing business here becomes simpler.

This includes the process of starting a business as well. We have a team of strategy professionals who have immense experience in this regard. They are in the best possible position to help you create the right strategy for starting an establishment in India. They also help you in structuring transactions and investments in such a way that you do not end up flouting the compliance-related rules and regulations unwittingly. India is right now becoming a centre for establishing fresh businesses.

Creating a detailed roadmap

A successful foray into any international market is accelerated by solid roadmap.Our approach is backed by regular and accurate review mechanisms, time-bound strategies and easily implementable action plans- giving you just the start you need.

Different and important elements of your “India” strategy

There can be different elements that can play an important role in your strategy to enter the Indian markets. This includes the likes of partnerships, acquisitions, and joint ventures.

We help you in such a way that you do not make any mistakes in choosing your business partners. As an international company, if you go wrong in this regard it can prove to be a major setback for your business. We define clear criteria for selecting such partners. We also screen your possible partners in the most detailed manner possible. For this, we have some critical operational and strategic parameters. This is the reason why you can choose partners who have the right synergies.

Following a phased approach

We believe that your “strategy” is the foundation of your presence in the industry. We always adhere to a phased approach when it comes to our strategies for entering the Indian markets. A phased approach starts with a thorough evaluation of the market on your behalf. We, then, come up with the best strategic business plan that helps you enter the markets, and ensure that the same is implemented successfully as well.

Market exploration

We know that a lot goes into making decisions such as these – of either entering a new market such as India or not doing so.

You need a lot more than merely factual information about the market. You need a feel for the market, the overall business culture over there, and the entities that influence these markets and make all the decisions over there. This is why our methodology for market exploration focuses on real-time interaction with the stakeholders of your preferred industry. This includes the likes of potential buyers, industry associations, retailers and distributors, and governmental bodies. We are aided by practical experience in such work. We offer a detailed assessment of the following as part of our market exploration approach:

  • Future and present business potential
  • Potential partners and customers
  • Regulations and policies of the government
  • Analysis of local advantage and business location
  • Barriers to exit and entry
Strategy formulation and business plan

RJV assists you with creating strategies that are effective and geared to help you become successful in the Indian markets. These plans are created based on the results that we get from our work in the phase referred to as market exploration. Our team always helps you assess the best possible strategy for your business to enter the Indian markets.

These plans are created to help you achieve the best possible results for your business. For this we consider the following areas related to your business:

  • Long-term and short-term goals
  • Strategic priorities
  • Appetite for risk and investment
  • Growth curve of the preferred industry
  • Failure and success of competitors
  • Best practices

We develop detailed business plans and offer advisory services for our clients on the following aspects, which are so critical for your business:

  • Sales forecast
  • Profitability analysis
  • Operational expenses
  • Feasibility study
  • Marketing expenses
Implementation phase

We at RJV offer our complete support to you throughout the process of starting a business in India. This is done to make sure that the business plan that we have created for you is implemented successfully as well. We try and support you for all your implementation-related needs in the context of the Indian markets.

Following are the most critical deliverables that we offer in this particular phase:
  • Help with negotiation and finalization of terms of a partnership
  • Getting all the regulatory and statutory approvals for the client
  • Assistance in finding the right location
  • Setting up the office
  • Assistance in selection of site and land acquisition
  • Recruiting important executives
  • Incorporating the subsidiary/ JV/ Partnersips / Associates  that would work in India.

If you’re looking for a seamless integration to the highly coveted Indian market then make sure you’re reaching out to us. We undertake all the work that needs to be done to set up your business.




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