Data Entry

As the world is moving fast towards digitization, the demand for data entry services is rising every day, while on the other hand many business owners facing stressful situations while dealing with a pile of paper works, so converting all the physical data into digitized format through manual typing or conversion techniques requires professional expertise. The digitized data when arranged in a proper format, it provides easy access to information and enhances operational efficiency of the organizations. The volume of data being so large requires professional expertise and infrastructure facility to capture them.

RJV has a strong team of professionals who has vast experience in data entry services, the infrastructure available with us are equipped with latest technology and we keep on upgrading as per the requirement of information technology industry. Our data entry experts follow double keying method to deliver completely accurate and up-to-date data to the global clients and our Quality Assurance team further conducts quality checks to ensure 99.99% accuracy.

We provide following type of Data entry services:
  • Online Data Entry Services
    We have a team of expert professionals who is expert in providing online data entry services, we provide online data entry for catalogues, form filing, manuals, e-books, legal documents, bills & receipts etc. We also support our clients in creating new data bases and updating existing databases for banks, government agencies, marketing services, healthcare, FMCG, automobiles, finance & real estate companies etc.
  • Offline Data Entry Services
    As India is one of the cost competitive destination for outsourcing data entry services, we have turned out to be the most preferred choice for companies in and outside India who are willing to outsource us data entry services that are highly accessible with lowest cost of resources. The offline data entry is being done for offline forms, bills/receipts, pdf, excel, word, e-books, newsletters etc
  • Document Processing Services
    The documents are generally served to archive & communicate information, document processing operates on the basis of information captured in some form of persistent medium like e-form etc. Document processing may serve to co-ordinate & conduct business transactions, for example if a customer submits purchase order for products, that purchase order becomes document for processing.
  • Data Extraction services
    The data extraction is a process where data are being extracted from various sources such as internet and other platforms like business directory portals, physical documents, sounds, videos, images etc. which are converted into digital formats.Our data conversion professionals team utilize different data conversion tools to change the electronic data from its local format, whether it’s in desktop publishing applications, spreadsheet or word processing.
We offer documents processing services related to following
  • Medical claims
  • Application forms
  • Admission forms
  • Survey forms
  • Business forms
  • Purchase order
  • Invoices, Receipts & Bills
We provide insurance data entry services in the following business areas:
  • Hospitalisation
  • Automobile Industry
  • Medical
  • Home & Property
  • Business assets
  • Data Processing Services
    The data processing services has become popular in recent times due to innovation in technology both in hardware and software, the data processing process deals with conversion of data from one form to another, in other words raw data is processed as information and summarising those information we get intelligent formats for making constructive decisions.
  • Medical data entry
    The healthcare industry across the world are transforming their self into digitization, it has become essential for hospitals to adopt digital facilities for smooth and swift provision of services so there is a requirement of storing proper details of patients regarding their account information, treatment history, medical diagnosis, hospitalisation, doctors comments etc. The data has to be stored systematically so that it is electronically accessible and can be used for organizing operations and providing better patient care. We use the advance technology to process medical data and our team comprises of highly skilled prrofessionals.
We provide the following data medical data entry services:
  • Hospital records
  • Account and billing details
  • Test and laboratory data records
  • Prescription Medication records
  • Clinical and healthcare records
  • Hand written medical documents
Web Research Services

The World Wide Web (www) has tremendous data spread on different domains across the globe and large volume of data are available on such domains, its an ocean where we need to travel through selected routes to reach our destination, here comes the role of professional web researchers who assist our clients in finding the information they are looking for.

We provide following types of web research services:

  • Company research includes market report, financial or annual reports.
  • Products research includes technical specification of products including price, feedback, ratings etc
  • Events research includes exhibitions, trade shows, seminars & many more.
  • Data validation includes verification of data from authentic sources.
  • Location & market research
  • Leads research
We take care of following points while executing outsource data entry projects to us:
  • The accuracy of Output: We strictly follow quality management standards to ensure the 100% accurate product data entry tasks. 
  • Information Security: We follow strict data protection laws and abide by it while working with our clients. We regularly ensures that our client’s data are not being shared with third parties without taking permission of the respective client. 
  • Scalability: Our team work and scalability will equally grow as our client’s business will grow, client’s product data entry performances will never come to a standstill. 
  • Quick Turnaround Time: E-commerce is a dynamic and highly competitive domain where a fraction of delay may cost organisations to a large extent. Our product data entry experts will execute product upload tasks at an efficient speed to keep your business ahead without any delay of time.



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