RJV offers a wide range of Outsourcing services for various clients. Besides excellent quality assurance, we offer quick turnaround time and focused consideration. An outsourcing partner like RJV can deliver quality results and diminish costs, while permitting clients to keep a focus on intensification of their core business areas.

We at RJV wish to help you by our best effort for increasing your bandwidth, taking up your internal operations and allowing you the wider spectrum to concentrate on your core business. Our Outsourcing services are structured to outfit each of our client’s needs and requirements. We have both an on-site, and off- site service modules and we can assure you in advance that our workflow adheres to all statutory compliances.

Why to hire RJV as your Outsourcing Service Provider?

There are various benefits of hiring outsourcing service by RJV. These are:

  • Offsite and / or Onsite support as per the need.
  • Quality professionals with expertise domain knowledge
  • Global quality services delivered
  • Adhering to cost efficiency
  • Get quality and customized services delivered within stringent and realistically possible shortest deadlines
  • Clients will get the support of state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure without incurring additional investments for making back office infrastructure,
  • RJV offers collection and follow ups services for its clients These includes both online claims follow-up, and automated claims follow up.

Our global quality and quality assured Outsourcing services are available in these broad niches:

  • Accounting
  • Collections
  • Statutory Compliance and Reporting
  • Back office Support
  • Financial Model/Business Planning
  • Accounts Receivable / Payable management
  • Payroll processing
  • Budgeting
  • Management reporting
  • Employee taxation handling
  • Pre-audit service
  • Process Designing& Implementation
  • Others specific to industry.

All these services of RJV are expertly monitored by professionals so that the team can extract best output out of their initiatives.

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Assurance services by RJV relate to review of controls, process, and procedures as well as the review of all types of financial documents or transactions. The assurance service certifies the validity, accuracy, as well as appropriateness of all reviewed actions, and it is done by professionals.

RJV offers a wide range of assurance services along with management and internal audit. Experienced professionals at RJV offers assorted professional services, which includes,

  • Review of existence and effectiveness of controls, process and procedures
  • Review of business, financial and control risks
  • Offering support with corporate dealings
  • Review of statutory compliances
  • Enhancing stakeholder value and improve competitiveness
  • Enhancing personnel’s knowledge on financial reporting, control, and financial auditing.

In addition to the conventional accounting services, RJV offers diligent investigation and professional guidance towards IFRS financial statements and the review of clients’ automated managerial processes.

RJV deals with both tax and risk assurance. In both the cases the reviews are done by professionals with adequate industry knowledge.

Benefits of availing RJV assurance service:

  • Improved control and reporting
  • Boosting of revenues and profits
  • Improvement of end-user satisfaction
  • Cut the cost of quality service/output.

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Taxation services are professionally focused high skill business support service that helps a business unit in remaining legally safe by paying off all the tax debts, complying with all related formalities, etc. Tax compliances are done with due tax planning, documentation, and representations. RJV and its associates are the tax related service providers for different business houses and units. Our services includes besides planning and compliance , initiation of comprehensive argument with tax authorities and governments all across the level, if necessary, and keep on assisting clients to remain at the safer side of best tax planning.

How RJV can help?

RJV has one of the most competent tax service providers with diversified tax compliance portfolio. Some of the most in demand taxation services provided by RJV are:

  • Identifying and ensuring steps required to reduce tax risks and liabilities,
  • Understanding and executing strategy for adhering to compliance obligations,
  • Implementing due tax strategies that implements balance between business and operational objectives,
  • Resolving disagreements with tax authorities if any,
  • Managing tax accounting and reporting issues for designing tax functions.
  • Tax effective employment arrangements
  • Advanced tax rulings requests/Handling appeal and court cases
  • Estate and retirement planning
  • Corporate tax planning and incorporation services
  • Ex-partite services
  • Due Diligence
  • Health check
  • Transfer pricing

RJV team professionals are well experienced in taxation formalities. The team can successfully design and execute strategies for helping clients in achieving personal and financial goals and the ways to reduce their tax liabilities. RJV offers all-inclusive tax compliance and tax-planning services, as well as RJV recognizes that meticulous planning may lead to minimization of the tax burden with best effect.

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RJV offers a wide and diversified range of business consulting services, with the help of professionals and qualified financial advisors to business units and high net worth individuals looking for advice on acquisition, merger, restructuring, target identification & evaluation, private equity, start up support etc..

At RJV our corporate advisory service can be segregated in three product lines, namely:

  • Strategy
  • Process Management
  • Human Resource Management


RJV offers different types strategy support for clients on demand, which covers:

  • Strategy gathering to meet vision, mission, and objective
  • Performance assessment
  • Assessments of project files
  • Deciding operating strategy & cost calculation
  • Risk management speculations
  • Professional project management

Process Management

Under process management RJV offers assortment group of professional backups like:

  • Design and analytics based mapping of processes,
  • Analysis & improvement of on-hand processes,
  • Development of admin actions and internal control actions,
  • Project management

Human Resource Management

RJV offers comprehensive back office support for its clients on demand. The service covers different niches of HRM, for example,

  • Talent acquisition
  • Maintaining pay structures and reward systems
  • Benchmarks for salary and compensation,
  • Job analysis, explanation as well as evaluation
  • Recruitment and selection

RJV’s approach can be typified as:

  1. Practical viability: RJV implements practical ideas and solutions that can generate visible positive results;
  2. Active approach – RJV shares its professional knowledge so that the client can productively maintain the obtained changes on its own strength;
  3. Involvement and cooperation – RJV provides professional consultancy in regards to tools, understanding and ability.

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