RJV offers a wide and diversified range of business consulting services, with the help of professionals and qualified financial advisors to business units and high net worth individuals looking for advice on acquisition, merger, restructuring, target identification & evaluation, private equity, start up support etc..

At RJV our corporate advisory service can be segregated in three product lines, namely:

  • Strategy
  • Process Management
  • Human Resource Management


RJV offers different types strategy support for clients on demand, which covers:

  • Strategy gathering to meet vision, mission, and objective
  • Performance assessment
  • Assessments of project files
  • Deciding operating strategy & cost calculation
  • Risk management speculations
  • Professional project management

Process Management

Under process management RJV offers assortment group of professional backups like:

  • Design and analytics based mapping of processes,
  • Analysis & improvement of on-hand processes,
  • Development of admin actions and internal control actions,
  • Project management

Human Resource Management

RJV offers comprehensive back office support for its clients on demand. The service covers different niches of HRM, for example,

  • Talent acquisition
  • Maintaining pay structures and reward systems
  • Benchmarks for salary and compensation,
  • Job analysis, explanation as well as evaluation
  • Recruitment and selection

RJV’s approach can be typified as:

  1. Practical viability: RJV implements practical ideas and solutions that can generate visible positive results;
  2. Active approach – RJV shares its professional knowledge so that the client can productively maintain the obtained changes on its own strength;
  3. Involvement and cooperation – RJV provides professional consultancy in regards to tools, understanding and ability.

Want to know more about the Advisory service?

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